Our 5 Point Difference

Team of Specialists

Our team includes all the specialists you may need, eliminating your need to create a team of your own and facilitate their interactions.

Personal Support

A family support specialist is exclusively assigned to manage your case, available 24/7 to answer your questions and review any updates. They also provide any mental and emotional support your family may need during this transition.

Our Why

Helping families navigate the Medicaid process is more than a job for our team, it’s a personal calling. With that in mind we launched our Give Back Campaign which is an initiative that helps families find nursing homes with immediate availability who also accept Medicaid, totally free of charge. Many Texas nursing homes that accept Medicaid provide the same quality of care as those that don’t, and we will help you find one that is most suitable for your loved one.

Our Expertise

Our Medicaid support specialists are comprised of former Medicaid workers who understand the ever-changing Medicaid rules and regulations, as well as the legal options to qualify for Medicaid without spending down assets first. Our specialists work on a continual basis with Medicaid to ensure that the required documentation is submitted on time.


We save you more than 50 hours of work by handling the entire Medicaid process for you.

Our journey and mission is a personal one.

The current owner reflects on her own experience:

“Grandma, like many, ended up needing care that could no longer be managed at home. The decisions around uprooting her from the familiarity of her own home were extremely emotional and stressful for everyone. Confusion layered itself within the financial discussions making the process more challenging. We were told she didn’t qualify for Medicaid and the only option given to us was to “spend down” what she had before that could become an option. So, that’s what we did.  We paid for her care by spending her life savings, a sum of around $100,000, and then sold her house to continue the payments until there was nothing left. She was then denied Medicaid because her income was $15 over the limit.

I came across MFC when looking for help with my grandmother. They helped me set up a Qualifying Income Trust and got my grandmother qualified within two months for Medicaid nursing home benefits with retroactive payment coverage from the time we set up the trust.

No one had told us there were legal resources that could’ve helped ease the complication of this process AND protected my grandmother’s assets. You can imagine how I felt, and how much I appreciated what MFC offered.

MFC was founded 15 years ago because they saw a need. I became the owner of Medicaid Filing Connection because I have a personal passion to do what I can to help families through this difficult time. Over the last two years we have become the comprehensive solution you see here. We exist to serve, educate and walk with families as they navigate this challenging stage of life for their loved ones.”

About Our Team

MFC is a Texas based company comprised of Former Medicaid Workers, Family Support Specialists, Insurance Specialists, Attorneys, Licensed Real Estate Specialists, Case Managers, Social Workers, and Case Workers. Our diverse group of team members work together toward one singular goal – to ensure that your family has not only a successful Medicaid process, but one that is as simplified as possible too.

Find out a little about each type of team member below.

Former Medicaid Workers: These experts have years of experience working for Medicaid and evaluate each and every application before submission to ensure that everything is in order.

Family Support Specialists: These team members act as your dedicated assistants and help you throughout the entire Medicaid process from start to finish. They act as the bridge between you and the rest of the MFC team while providing personalized customer care.

Insurance Specialists: These specialists assist in ensuring that existing policies are fully complied with, and if not, provide you with options for how to get into compliance. They also recommend insurance products that help with asset protection. Our insurance specialists are not paid through commission, so you can be sure that they primarily look after your interests.

Attorneys: The licensed attorneys we work with across the state of Texas help us get all legal work taken care of with regards to the Medicaid process.

Licensed Real Estate Specialists: These specialists work with you when either the homestead or an additional property needs to be sold or protected in a Medicaid compliant way.

Case Managers: Our case managers work with the rest of the MFC team to ensure that the processes of assessment, implementation, facilitation, evaluation, and quality control meet the needs of the family.

Social Workers: Our social workers assist the family with a wide range of situations and family dynamics to ensure a successful and stress-free Medicaid process.

Case Workers: These team members work closely with our case managers to compile all of the necessary documents and aid in the filing of the application for Medicaid. They ensure that the application is submitted in Medicaid’s preferred order and format to maximize the chance of a successful approval.

As part of our Give Back Campaign, we will help your family find a nursing home for your loved one. Finding a nursing home with immediate availability that also accepts Medicaid can be challenging and time consuming. At no cost to you, we can find a nursing home suitable for your loved one and assist with relocation.

Other placement services that offer free relocation assistance will not place your loved one in a facility that accepts Medicaid, as those facilities can’t pay. We provide this service for you and will ensure that the nursing home we find provides the same quality of care as a nursing home that does not accept Medicaid.

From start to finish, Medicaid Filing Connection is your full-service solution.

We save you on average more than 50 hours of work by handling the entire Medicaid filing process for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ list below will help answer some of your more common questions about our company. For FAQs related to Medicaid, please click here.

Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes. We encourage you to set up a complimentary call with one of our Medicaid Eligibility Specialists who can do a full assessment to determine the issues you may encounter with Medicaid eligibility and discuss possible solutions. They can also answer any questions regarding Medicaid that you may have.

How do you charge for your services?

After your consultation, we’ll establish a flat fee upfront so you can budget in confidence. We want our services to be predictable and affordable. Unlike law firms specializing in estate planning, you won’t have to worry about high hourly rates or retainers. And we don’t earn commissions, so you won’t be pressured to buy anything that’s not in your best interests.

Do you offer a guarantee?

While we cannot guarantee that you’ll qualify for Medicaid since the decision is ultimately out of our control, we have 15 years experience serving families across Texas and a long track record of success. We do guarantee that if you are denied because Medicaid finds an asset that you didn’t know about, we will work with you to form a revised plan and refine at no additional cost.

How do you communicate during the process?

Your Family Support Specialist will check in with you every week while your case is open – or more often if there’s a need. However, you can contact us at any time.

Is Medicaid planning a legal process?

Yes, Medicaid planning is legal under both federal and Texas law. It’s similar to the process you’d use with a tax preparer to maximize deductions and reduce your overall tax liability. However, in this case, you’re trying to preserve and extend your assets as you plan for the sizable costs of long-term care.

I am a licensed attorney and I am interested in using your company to process my Medicaid Applications, how can I get more information?

We love working with attorneys all over Texas to process applications as efficiently as possible. Contact us and we can set up a consultation. All legal work must be completed by a licensed attorney.

I am the owner of a Nursing Home and am interested in having you process all our renewals/applications, how can I get more information?

We pride ourselves in creating custom solutions tailored to each situation. Contact us to set up a consultation call so we can learn more about the challenges you are facing and how we may provide solutions.